To Become a Gurukul Universal Franchisee...

Crescent Gurukul Ltd has policy of granting franchise as per areas/zones. So, if there is no Authorized centre of Gurukul Universal in your Locality/Area, and if you satisfy certain simple criteria, you can become an authorized centre.

Some requirements to become a franchise of Gurukul Universal

 1. Infrastructure of between 400-1000 Sq Ft. including Training & Test Rooms, Counselling room & Facilities
 2. 8-15 Desktops/Laptops
 3. Capital of around Rs. 25,000 (as of 2013) towards initial Franchise cost


Why Gurukul

1. Flexible & Affordable Course Fees 
2. Gurukul Connect ‘Android App’ makes learning fun 
3. Audio Visual Learning materials
4. Working Professional Experience
5. Well designed course structure
6. In house R&D developed material 
7. Solution of assignments on Videos
8. Online examinations by HO/RO ensuring uniform standards
9. Professional GURUKUL-student relationship
10. Online Job Search
11. Campus selections and off campus interviews
12. Address of franchisee centers on our website
13. ISO 9001 approved certificates
14. Online Certificate Verification
15. Standard advertisement by Ad and Media manual
16. Regular training of staffs of franchisees through Skype
Gurukul Universal has curriculum designed to suit the modern day market requirements. We use technology to maintain an identical level of course delivery at each centers. All necessary measures are taken to satisfy students. Gurukul commands market recognition not just in the field of education also in employing our pass outs.

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