About Us

About us

Welcome to Gurukul

Gurukul Universal is established with the mission to provide job and employment training to the young India. The abilities of our youth need to be reaped for the benefit of the country and its people. Our country is abundant in potential and talent, yet employment is scarce. The most promising fields, from the point of job creation and employment, which have emerged after the liberalization, privatization and globalization of India, are Business & Finance and Information & Communication Technologies.


To promote education and training in the subjects of computers, accounts, business, finance and management, we have taken all the steps to minimize the cost and improve quality. Our efforts have been to offer better courses at lower fees so the learner has to bear a lesser amount of financial burden. This institute also has a vision to take the training and education on these subjects to every corner and every youth of India. We have chosen the name UNIVERSAL to show our dedication toward every student and subject related to computers. We offer Hardware & Networking, Computer Application, Desktop Publishing courses along with the courses the accounts and finance courses, with which we had initially started.

Crescent Gurukul Limited has other social purpose business units, namely Gurukulplex and Gurukulprep, which cater to K12 school students and aspirants of competitive exams respectively. The group has extensive knowledge and experience in these areas, which it wants to share with the students of the institute and promote learning at every possible level. The institute develops not only managerial but also entrepreneurial qualities in its students so that they can lead tomorrow's corporate world and rise to the new heights in every sphere of society.


Why Choose us

To accelerate the transition of India into a knowledge based economy


Our Mission

To accelerate the transition of India into a knowledge based economy


Our visions

To make learning accessible and affordable for every child and youth of India